My name is Jassir Kuronen, also better known through my visual work as RÖD MJÖLK. I'm a digital artist, VJ, and graphic designer based in Finland. My recent projects have focused on using different methods and tools as a part of the creative process. These include mixing various mediums, such as creative coding, live visuals, photography, and illustration.
My goal as an artist and for audiovisual works is to create new experiences by challenging and modifying commonly known concepts and ideas. I explore these themes by distorting them or building them again from the ground.
AALTO UNIVERSITY (Aalto ARTS),  Visual Communication Design, Bachelors, 2019-
RÖD MJÖLK (Visual project)
GENERATION 2017 / The Amos Anderson Art Museum ( Amos REX ) & Jyväskylä Art Museum (2017-2018, Group exhibition)

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